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Colours of Bubbles

Colours of Bubbles

Hailing from Siauliai, a city often labelled the Lithuanian Manchester, Colours of Bubbles is serving their listeners the special blend between modern indie sounds with European-styled country feedback and offers a darker, deeper reflection on the indie in the north Eastern Europe.

Having three albums in bands discography (“Inspired by a True Story” (2014), “She is the Darkness” (2016)) and „Untold Story“ (2018)) “Colours of Bubbles“ has played more than 200 concerts in every corner of Europe, made appearances on the main European rock, indie music festivals and in the summer of 2018 had the biggest and one the most important shows in this fivesome careers – performance at “Rock in Haapsalu” (Estonia) were band was listened by the crowd of 10 000 people and sold out show in Trakai – together with St. Christopher chamber orchestra “Colours of Bubbles” performed at Trakai Castle and been listened by more than 1500 people.

One of the greatest achievements in bands awards history is Rock Act of the Yearaward at local Grammy’s – M.A.M.A. music awards, which “Colours of Bubbles” won in year 2015 and 2019. Even before the release of bands latest album „She is the Darkness” (2016) one of the biggest Lithuanian music blogs “” named it as the one which the whole team was looking forward hear mostly. And as the day of the release came, album made its statement – it is something different, something amusing, something with a lot of hidden stories in it.

Since the release the album received praises from both critics and fans and became an official soundtrack of a play called “Neismoktos pamokos” by Lithuanian director Aleksandr Spilevoj and single Truth or Dare became the anthem of Lithuaninan national football team in World Cup 2018 qualification.

In the Autumn of 2017 one of the Colours of Bubbles dreams came true. The band started collaboration with St. Christopher chamber orchestra and presented their Untold Story – a project where modern rock sounds of Colours of Bubbles meets the majestic sound of the orchestra. Each of their performances was sold out and there were five of them! Also, Untold Story project was chosen to play as the main act at Lithuanian national TV new season opening.

Continuing the successful tour, in 2019 the compilation vinyl of Colours of Bubbles is set to be released in China through China Records Group, which makes it first international vinyl release by China Records Group during last 25 years.

Now the bearers of Lithuanian indie rock music scene are spreading their music across Lithuania and neighbour countries as loud as they can and believe us – it is something what they are really capable of!