Project Description


The story of BrainStorm begins with the best friends, who grew up and learned together, created and fulfilled their dreams. Born in Latvia, which was still part of the Soviet Union at the time, the boys experienced a Soviet upbringing, the battle for a freedom and were part of the first generation to embrace new possibilities the freedom brought. Experiencing these two radical systems has shaped their musical style.

After they conquered the heart of Latvia, BrainStorm attempted to reach out to the audience outside their home country borders. In 2000, the first internationally released “Among the Suns” with the famous single “My Star” proved that the band’s ambitions were satisfied. “My Star” took third place in the Eurovision Song Contest. The album was released in Europe, and in Belgium, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. People loved BrainStorm music everywhere!

Throughout their career, BrainStorm has released albums in Europe and Russia, supported bands such as R.E.M, The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode and so on.

Inspired by such a welcoming reception BrainStorm recorded album „Online“ (2001). Ethereally dreamy single “Maybe“ brought BrainStorm to other part of the Europe. Radios in Eastern Europe and especially in Poland couldn’t get enough of the song.

The group has won numerous awards, gather crowds of people at their concerts and continues to amaze their fans with new songs and special shows.