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Formed in 1995 in Vilnius, Biplan is one the most popular Lithuanian pop-rock/indie-folk bands. With more than 20 radio hits on their account Biplan is among the Top 5 most successful bands in Lithuania.

After debut album Banzai (1997) shortly followed their critically acclaimed second release Braškės (1998), which featured hits as Labas Rytas and Ketvirtadienis. Biplan catapulted to stardom as Braškės won them multiple awards, including album of the year, best band, and best rock band of the year awards.

After their biggest hit to date Labas Rytas was released, Biplan became a household name. The band also recorded a Russian version of this song called S Dobrym Utrom, which gained acclaim from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

The band’s success was followed by numerous awards while Biplan solidified their reputation as multiple-hits band and toured extensively in Lithuania, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, even Albania and Kosovo.

In 2014 Biplan released one of their most popular albums Visi Keliai Veda Prie Jūros, which included hits O Mes Prie Jūros, Kapitonai and Amore. The latter became a well-known romantic anthem followed by millions of streams and in 2020 was covered in concerts by Portuguese star Salvador Sobral.

As the band celebrates their 25th anniversary, Biplan remains true to experiments and search for the new sounds. In autumn 2020, the band collaborated with well-known singer Karina Krysko and went on a jazz inspired tour Džiaze Tik Merginos.