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Biplan is considered one of the most popular pop-rock/indie-folk bands in Lithuania. Since the foundation in 1995 Biplan has more than 20 radio hits on the account, which makes them into Top 5 of all times most successful Lithuanian bands.

In 1997, the band released their debut album, Banzai. The second album Braškės, was released in 1998 and featured hits such as “Labas rytas“, “Ketvirtadienis“, “Nupiešiu“, “Londone“. The album was recognized as the best album of the year at the Bravo Music Awards, and Biplan became the best rock band and the best band of the year in Radiocentras awards.

The biggest Biplan hit to date is “Labas Rytas, released back in 1997, it reached No. 1 probably in every Lithuanian radio station and made Biplan the household name in Lithuania. The Russian version of the song, named S Dobrym Utrom, was popular from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok.

And that’s just the beginning. Afterwards, the band’s success was followed by a number of awards, and Biplan concerts moved from Lithuania to England, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and Albania. On February 16, 2015, Maksim Melman was awarded the Medal of Merit to Lithuania by Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Biplan is famous for their positive and energetic live performances. The audience likes them, because they can be crazy, can be melancholic, but never boring.