M.P.3 is an independent music agency founded in 2002. The agency specializes in music management, publishing, and public relations, organizes various concerts and events. M.P.3 works with intellectual pop, rock and electronic music artists. At the moment, the agency is working with Biplan (since 2011), Colours of Bubbles (since 2014), Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys (since 2015), Jurga (since 2005), KAnDIs (since 2019) and Carnival Youth (Latvia, since 2015).

M.P.3 agency has worked with Andrius Mamontovas (2002-2006), The Hobos (Latvia, 2003-2009), Skamp (2005-2007), LT United (2005-2006), Lemon Joy (2006-2010), Amber Smith (Hungary, 2007-2009), Suicide DJs (2008-2010), InCulto (2010) and Rasabasa (2011-2013). Agency is owned by VšĮ „Metų projektai“, VšĮ „Metų pramogos” and UAB „Metų partneriai“.