M.P.3 is an independent music agency, established in 2002, and specializing in music management and publishing, as well as a public relations agency, concert and event organizer. Since 2006, we’ve been distributing our albums via worldwide internet shops („iTunes“, „Amazon“, „Napster“, „eMusic“ and others).

Our music management includes:

· Performer management and publishing/distributing of music albums;
· Organizing concerts of Lithuanian and foreign performers;
· Organizing concert programs within various festivals and other events;
· Organizing advertising campaigns;
· Attending to technical part of events.

Business and public events is also the field, where we can show our innovative approach. That’s why we have organized over 1300 projects in Lithuania and abroad, since we started our activities.

We’ve been organizing events for business enterprises in Lithuania, supplying the whole technical equipment and staff, organizing transportation, catering, preparing original scenarios, we’ve been cooperating with the Lithuanian and foreign performers and show hosts on the best terms.
We’ve been organizing:

• Conferences, concerts, festivals, commercial campaigns, fashion shows, parties, jubilees and Christmas events.
• Attending to marketing and advertisement, PR of events, organizing press conferences.
• Organizing original entertainment shows in Lithuania and abroad.
• Organizing seminars on team building.

The agency consists of the group of enterprises, Public Enterprise „Metų projektai“ and Joint Venture „Metų partneriai“. Our mission is: „Helping good music find the listeners, and helping the listeners find good music!“.

Groups we cooperate with

M.P.3 agency has been working with performers of the genres of pop, rock and electronic music. Currently the agency is cooperating with the legendary and most famous Lithuanian rock group “Antis” (since 2007), the Lithuanian rock pioneers “Siela” (since 2008), as well as with swiftly rising Lithuanian-Norwegian group “Rasabasa” (since 2011) excelling post rock and synth pop styles, and with a long-term experienced pop-rock stage veterans “Biplan” (since 2011).

In the past the agency worked with one of the most famous Lithuanian performer of all times, Andrius Mamontovas, multinational group “Skamp”, MTV award winner Jurga Šeduikytė, group „LT United“, which until now holds the highest position at the European song contest among all Lithuanian participants, also with the Lithuanian synthpop leaders “Lemon Joy”, with the music theatricals “Suicide DJs” and  the energetic “Eurovision 2010” participants, “InCulto”.

Alongside Lithuanian groups, our company is proud to have worked with the famous  foreign groups, such as Hungarian rockers “Amber Smith”, Latvian superstars “The Hobos” and Italian singer Anna Maria Castelli.

Current projects

In 2012, the agency kicked off a music-without-borders project of cultural cooperation between Lithuanian and Belarus, called “170 kilometers” (the bird-flight distance between Vilnius and Minsk). In April 2012 we organized three concerts in a row of the Belarus group „Krambambulya“. We also organized Lithuanian events in connection with the international charity project „The Samsung Hope Relay”, which mark the opening of London Olympic Games.

In previous years, we organized concert tours for Andrius Mamontovas “Beribiam danguje” (2003 – Lithuania, Germany, The Netherlands, France); “TV songs” (2004 – Lithuania); concert tour of Jurga “Instrukcija” (2007 – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the U.K.) and her acoustic concert in NATO military base in Afghanistan (2007); the 7th birthday concert of the group “Skamp” (2005); comeback concerts for “Antis” (2007) and concert tour “Ančių dainos” (2008 – Lithuania); concert tour for the group “Suicide DJs” in Belarus (2009); the Eurovision tour for “InCulto” in 14 states (2010) and the presentation of the album “Closer Than You Think” tour in Lithuania; the presentation of the new album, the “XX” and the 20th anniversary concert tour for the group “Siela” (2010).

M.P.3 organized concerts in Vilnius of various foreign groups and performers: „Priklyucheniya elektronikov“ (Russia, 2002), „Camouflage“ (Germany, 2004 and 2006), „Sash!“ (Germany, 2004), „Brain Storm“ (Latvia, 2004), DJs Krugozory (Russia, 2004), „The Sun“ (Estonia, 2008), Marc Almond (UK, 2008), „The Sound Poets“ (Latvia, 2010), „SunSay“ (The Ukraine, 2011) as well as concerts in various Lithuanian cities of the groups „The Hobos“ (Latvia, 2003-2008), „Amber Smith“ (Hungary, 2007-2008), „ZumbaLand“ (Georgia, 2011); Ladybird (Latvia) concert in Druskininkai (2005), Igs Fominss (Latvia) and „Jumprava“ (Latvia) concerts in Zarasai (2008). In 2005 a Baltic Unity concert was organized in Riga with various Latvian and Lithuanian performers.

Providing PR, marketing and organizational services, we participated in organizing concerts of Elton John (2007), „Metallica“ (2008), „KISS“ (2008), Marilyn Manson (2009), Morrissey (2009) in Riga, as well as music festival „Positivus“ (2009) in Latvia, Madonna concert (2009) in Tallinn, „The Prodigy“ concert (2005) in Vilnius, productions of the musical „Mamma Mia!“ (2008) in Vilnius.

Performers, produced by our agency, have been taking part in concerts with foreign performers: „The Rasmus“ in Vilnius („The Hobos“, 2004), „Camouflage“ in Vilnius („Lemon Joy“, 2006), „Sparks“ in Vilnius („Suicide DJs“, 2008) Björk album „Volta“ tour  in Vilnius (Jurga, 2008), „De Phazz“ in Trakai (Jurga, 2009), „a-ha“ farewell tour „Ending on a High Note“ in Riga and Vilnius (Jurga, 2010).

At various points of time, M.P.3 also organized the opening event for “Siemens arena” in Vilnius, Lithuanian advertising awards “ADrenalinas” ceremonies, events for the 50th anniversary of the Curonian Lagoon regatta, an event for the 80th anniversary of the NORD/LB bank, openings of various commercial centers and the like. We organized a concert tour ”LABAS diskoteka” with Lithuanian performers in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Kaunas arenas (2010), as well as a 2-day event “Volfas Engelman išjudina miestą!“ in Kaunas Town Hall square (2011) with Lithuanian and Latvian performers; and the presentation of the Lithuanian music portal „Myliumuzika.lt“ (2011).

In 2007-2009 we have been organizing an independent cinema festival „Gala“ in Vilnius, Kaunas and Panevėžys. In 2005-2006 we have been organizing ceremonies at the Rulers’ Palace  in Vilnius Cathedral square. Since 2006 we’ve been organizing detective role plays.